Signboards and banners

Signboards and banners are a good and inexpensive way to display your advertisements in a variety of places.

Various signboards are a great way for displaying your ads in a simple and inexpensive manner. They can be single- or double-sided and made of a variety of materials. The main advantage of signboards is low production costs and no subsequent electrical expenses.

Printed banners leave plenty of room for the creative ideas of designers, and they are often used for displaying large-size advertisements on the walls of buildings. This product is also ideal for advertising on fences of an enclosed territory, on building walls or other similar places. Due to the large selection of materials, they can also be used as interior decoration elements.

Signboards and banners

Various displaying opportunities for signboards:

  • Support structures can be used for placing advertisements on the ground and next to roads. These solutions can range from a temporary sign to a steadily cemented structure.
  • Walls – walls are often the place where there is space for attractive and informative signboards.
  • Hanging signs – widely used for the demarcation of areas in shopping centres.

Advertising banners can be made from a variety of materials:

  • PVC banners – used as large- or small-scale advertising solutions. Ideal for temporary advertising.
  • PVC mesh banners – widely used outdoors, where the advert is exposed to winds. As wind can pass through the holes in a mesh banner, the attachments of the advert are less likely to break.

Advertising banners




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