About us


JAA Disain – an advertising company with experience

JAA Disain is an advertising company with over 20 years of experience. We have more than 20 professionals with years of experience on our team. Our core business is the production of LED, neon and illuminated adverts; we also provide the maintenance for these products. Our product portfolio also contains a number of other advertising products.

The continuous export of our products to Finland, Sweden and Norway serves as a great testimonial of our quality. Just like the positive feedback we get from our, large and small, satisfied customers from Estonia and abroad.

Our production complies with high quality requirements. Therefore we use only high quality materials and technology. The customers who value our production experience, reflected in our completed projects, and our quality; rather than the lowest possible price, are very satisfied with our work.

JAA Disain has all of the technology required for producing illuminated adverts. This includes two (2) CAD stations that are crucial for quick and high-quality production of edge profiles of channel letters, two (2) milling machines, two (2) wide-format printers and a large variety of other workstations that are essential for a serious producer of advertising solutions. Our partner network is spread all over Estonia, letting us react quickly to the needs and wishes of our customers everywhere in the country.

JAA Disain OÜ was established in 1993, and it is fully based on Estonian capital.