Illuminated adverts – production, installation and maintenance

The majority of the services of JAA Disain focus on outdoor advertising. We provide not only production, but also maintenance and repair of illuminated adverts. Our services are not limited to the end customer, we also provide semi-manufactured products for a large number of companies in the same business sector, often leaving the final finishing to the partners themselves. We can also provide limited types of materials for the manufacturing of illuminated adverts.

Production of adverts

The production facilities of JAA Disain comprise approximately 1000 m² of heated space. The premises were built in 2006, so they are modern and comply with all regulations. As we had the chance to have our say in the design process of the premises, we were able to arrange the layout of our production facilities in a way that suits the production process of adverts. Rooms meant for more specific processes are separated from the main production room, e.g., the milling room, the welding and painting room, the room for vinyl-wrapping vehicles, the neon room, the photo print room, the vinyl room and naturally also the office. Our main product, illuminated adverts, are made in the workspace of JAA Disain, in premises that are equipped with modern workstations specifically designed for the production of illuminated adverts. The most important of these include two fully programmable stations for producing the edges of channel letters, guaranteeing quality as well as speed for the process of manufacturing channel letters. We also have all the other equipment needed for producing modern illuminated adverts, including milling stations of various sizes, clinchers, various metalwork machinery, aluminium welding, a station for producing neon tubes, large-format digital printers, lamination machines, etc.

Installation and maintenance of adverts

We have three minivans specifically designed for the work of installing and maintenance of adverts. All equipment is used by the experienced staff of JAA Disain. A number of them have been working with us for more than 10 years. We had over 20 employees in the year 2016.


Maintenance of illuminated adverts


Milling services


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