Milling and engraving

The high quality workstations of JAA Disain let us provide high quality milling and engraving services. The various milling and engraving machines let us provide custom-made products of various shapes, sizes and materials. The constant, repeated use of these machines has let us reach simple and elegant solutions. Thanks to our long-term experience, we are able to execute a huge variety of advertising solutions.

The list of materials we can handle with our machines is long:

  • non-ferrous metals
  • acrylic and plexiglass
  • PVC materials
  • MDF board
  • wood, etc.

The front and back surfaces of most illuminated adverts are produced with the milling machines, as well as the specific details of many custom-solution adverts. The process guarantees the high quality and precision of manufactured parts. The milling machines can also be used to produce door signs and numbers, keyrings, exposition stands, acrylic glass products, cloakroom numbers and signboards of various shapes.
Milled logos are often used for displaying unilluminated logos for walls.

Milling and engraving:


Milled logos