Lightboxes are among the most widespread illuminated advertising solutions. This is because of the simplicity and lower price compared to channel letters or neon signs. Another advantage of this solution is the simplicity of changing the design by just replacing the front surface. The structural and electrical part of the advert remains the same.

There are several ways to execute a lightbox:

  • Profile lightbox– a simple and bright rectangular illuminated advertising solution. Single-sided as well as double-sided profile lightboxes can be made.
  • High-formated lightbox– luminous or illuminated fabric is generally used for large-scale lightboxes, in order to maintain a complete front surface. We recommend using vinyl. Unlike printed fabric, vinyl creates a much brighter effect and does not tarnish with time. Just like profile lightboxes, high-formated lightboxes can also be single- or double-sided.
  • Lightboxes with planished fronts– often used near shop entrances, especially in shopping centres. Planished front lightboxes can have flat or offset letters, various custom solutions are also available.
  • Illuminated menu- and information boards – are often used near the entrances of restaurants and other catering establishments, but also to communicate advertising information in outdoor conditions.
  • Illuminated cubes – ideally suited for roofs, corners and walls of buildings, as the advert is multi-dimensional and viewed from all directions.
  • Custom-made lightboxes – if needed, we can help develop custom luminous boxes that characterize your company.

Profile lightboxes


High-formated lightboxes

LED valgustusega kastid

Planished front lightboxes


Illuminated menu- and information boards


Illuminated cubes


Custom-made lightboxes