Advertising cubes

Advertising cubes offer unique possibilities to be seen from more than two sides of a building. If this is allowed by the location of the planned advertisement. In planning today’s new production areas, the steel structures above the roof line that have been previously planned for the building by the architect are in many cases noticeable. It is therefore reasonable, either during construction or afterwards, to cover these structures with advertising cubes. In such cases, depending on the size and structure of the cube, printed banners, aluminum or aluminum-composite plates, or any other suitable material can be used as the base material on which the graphic is either printed or applied. Smaller advertising cubes erected on smaller buildings with a wider field of view are already in wide use.

Cubes with LED lightning.

If necessary, the cubes can be lit up externally by using LED flood lamps, or by installing LED modules inside the cubes to illuminate the front surfaces from the inside. In this case, it would already be a light cube or a two-in-one.