Digital print and photo print

Digital and photo printing let designers use photos on a variety of materials: sticker material, paper, cloth, PVC canvas, etc. Huge advertisements of hundreds of square meters can be printed in high quality. As well as the tiniest stickers for any kind of products.

Photo print materials can be placed on external as well as internal walls, on shop windows or on vehicles. Digital printing can be done on sticker material and attached to glass, walls, trailers, bus stops, etc. Digital prints can also be placed on appropriate base materials, laminated for better protection and used as wall decorations. Digital prints on vehicles are a unique way to promote your company in the monotonous streets. As vehicles are constantly on the move in the streets, your message is delivered to various locations in the city. You can be sure that it will not remain unnoticed in the traffic and from nearby windows.

Digital print and photo print, opportunities and examples:


Digital print


Photo printing


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